What do you like to use to conquer shedding?
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What do you like to use to conquer shedding?


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What do you like to use to conquer shedding?

Along with the hottest part of summertime comesALOT of shedding! in order to keep our dogs looking and smelling beautiful. MY MUST HAVES are as follows...Shed N Blade (to keep the dead undercoat and loose fur off the dogs) a great shampoo for both adult dogs and puppies is (Crazy Dog/ baby dog Baby Powder Scent)  All our dogs have use this and the results are fantasic! this shampoo leaves a nice scent of baby powder for about 2 weeks and does not dry out their coat , even if they are frequently washed ...Molly our 8 month old pup LOVES to play in the creek at our dog park.. we
use this shanpoo on her quite a bit and her coat is beautiful ...I should also add that we use a Collar Flea & Tick Preventive that suits our lifestlye called Seresto.  When Molly goes n the water I place it in the convient Tin that it came in that fits in my purse and when she is one I put it back on her.  The collar can be worn in and out of the water but by doing it this way it extends the life of the collar) Great collar if your dog goes all over with you!!! Another MUST HAVE is an excellent vacume ...I use a Kenmore Progressive now for several years to keep my home and car as fur free as possible, it is very durabe and picks up GSD fur quite well ...I find with the 3 of my GSD dogs,  in the summer I have to vacume before I leave & also when I get home to keep my home as fur free as I can. 
What are your "MUST HAVES" to deal with Summetime Shedding?